Mrs Hoover

Brighton’s leading landlady




Hostmother, performer, author and icon of Englishness – Mrs Joyce Hoover extends the hand of international friendship.













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Joyce Hoover is Brighton’s leading landlady or ‘hostmother’, and she has strong views on the subject of British identity, British culture and the importance of learning ‘proper English’. Without leaving her little terraced house in Davigdor Road she has extended the hand of international friendship to all four corners of the globe, providing confused visitors (and baffled Brits too) with her plain, no-nonsense guide to the essentials of British life, such as how to hold your tea cup, what to say to the Queen and where to buy a bra for only £1.

But now “the woman who put the ‘hospital’ in hospitality” is calling it a day. For one night only she throws open her doors and, in a gesture of tolerance and inclusiveness befitting her home town, extends a warm welcome to foreign currencies of all denominations. “I’m getting my house back,” she says. “This is definitely my final show. Probably.”

Expect laughter, tears, songs, biscuits and some (very) irregular verbs.